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They Killed Dulcie-Bonus Episode: Dangerous Goods

In this episode, we unveil the murky world behind the Danish shipping industry’s pristine façade. In Dulcie’s handwritten notes, Danish ships and companies are exposed as integral to the apartheid regime’s arms money machinery. We tell the story of these…

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They Killed Dulcie Episode 6: Woman in Exile

Dulcie September’s life was shaped by struggle against injustice. As a freedom fighter, she boldly confronted gender based discrimination, even amongst her allies.   In this episode we take a deeper look at the discrimination Dulcie September’s faced and reflect…

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#ApartheidBanks: Still Waiting For Justice

Shaazia Ebrahim | A number of international banks funded the apartheid regime and its military through credit. It has been one year since Open Secrets, along with the Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS), demanded accountability from the international banks in Belgium and Luxembourg that financed apartheid.…

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How do we imagine accountability and justice for State Capture crimes?
With Billions lost to State Capture, it's time we lay out a map towards justice for State Capture

Join us @BerthaHouseCPT for a discussion on what justice for State Capture might look like.

"Bain needs to reveal who else was in the Zuma meetings," said Williams. "The meetings were not only Massone and Zuma – never. Who else was there?" @news24 @OpenSecretsZA @OUTASA @HelenSuzmanFdn

Coming up next Tuesday! Hear more about Barclays involvement in funding the repression of Palestinian people via its arms trade investments.

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