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8 South African Corruption Scandals

The Good Old Days? 8 ‘Crony Capitalist’ Case Studies

In another post, we’ve responded to recent claims that public accountability has eroded in the post-apartheid period. Whatever the current problems facing South Africa, we argue that there are no ‘better days’ to hark back to. Here are eight corruption…

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Marc Rich, apartheid’s most important sanctions-buster

There has been a stream of obituaries for Marc Rich, infamous billionaire, sanctions-buster, and one-time “King of Oil”. But these obituaries cannot tell the full story: we are still piecing together his true legacy [UPDATE: This article was republished by…

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@MikeMarchant13 @hennievvuuren @NPA_Prosecutes Well done to @TreasuryRSA.

It really shows up @UCT_news who allow Bain to recruit on campus.

Despite repeated attempts to ask ethics teacher and Council member @JacquesR, the VC and @e_transitions to explain their policy, they remain quiet.

@OpenSecretsZA Ban the directors as well… What’s stopping these folk from just doing it again under a different entity? If corruption and fraud is confirmed - ban, jail, fine them.

2 Cents.

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