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Apartheid’s banks no closer to facing justice

Tabitha Paine | Lee-Ann Bruce Without the help of European banks, the apartheid government would not have been able to buy arms and continue its campaign of violence and oppression. Between 1977 and 1994, countless people lost their lives while…

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They Killed Dulcie Episode 4: Prisons of the Past

In the fourth episode of the podcast They Killed Dulcie, the time has come to look at the evidence. What was Dulcie investigating when she was killed? We dust off archival documents found by Open Secrets that provide important clues.…

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They Killed Dulcie- Episode 3: The Double Agent

In the third episode of “They Killed Dulcie,” we delve into the world of informants and double agents and how the apartheid security forces used them to infiltrate the liberation movements in South Africa and abroad. It remains a sensitive…

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Tonight with Lester: Dulcie September Podcast

The podcast, They Killed Dulcie has gripped my imagination over the last few weeks. It tries to uncover the mysterious circumstances around the death of the anti-apartheid activist in paris in 1988. In the third episode of “They Killed Dulcie,”…

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How do we imagine accountability and justice for State Capture crimes?
With Billions lost to State Capture, it's time we lay out a map towards justice for State Capture

Join us @BerthaHouseCPT for a discussion on what justice for State Capture might look like.

"Bain needs to reveal who else was in the Zuma meetings," said Williams. "The meetings were not only Massone and Zuma – never. Who else was there?" @news24 @OpenSecretsZA @OUTASA @HelenSuzmanFdn

Coming up next Tuesday! Hear more about Barclays involvement in funding the repression of Palestinian people via its arms trade investments.

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