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Open Secrets undertakes in-depth and rigorous investigations focused on private sector economic crimes that result in human rights violations. Using archives, declassified documents, whistleblower interviews, first-hand experiences and secondary material we write in-depth investigative reports and/or books uncovering new information and providing analysis on systemic crimes.

the corporations and economic crime report

report series

The Corporations and Economic Crime Report (CECR) is a publication series that explores the most egregious cases of economic crimes and corruption by private financial institutions, from apartheid to the present day. In doing so, we aim to highlight the key themes that link corporate criminality across these periods of time, focusing on the role of the private sector, a critical blind spot in the discourse around economic crime.

volume 1: the bankers

volume 2

joining the dots

people's tribunal report

This report introduces the cases heard at the people’s tribunal on economic crime in South Africa, and explains the need to join the dots between past and present corruption. This report should therefore be read as an introduction to the cases, not a finding. It urges the reader to join the dots connecting the long shadow of economic crime among the business and political elites in South Africa and around the world.

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