an open secrets series profile series published on the daily maverick.

Unaccountable is an Open Secrets series published on the Daily Maverick. The series consists of profiles of large corporations and private individuals who are all implicated in economic crime but have never been held to account for these – or at best escaped substantive justice. The decision to focus on powerful private actors, implicated in large scale political corruption is a conscious one and mirrors the approach of Open Secrets.  Many of the profiles are based on Open Secrets’ existing and ongoing research.

00001: A very British apartheid profiteer

In the first article of the series, we look at British Labour MP, Margaret Hodge, whose family businesses profited from apartheid.

This profile chronicles, insurance giant, Liberty Group’s role in the callous cancellation of over 6000 pension funds.

 This profile looks at the role of Adv. Dube Tshidi and the FSCA in the erroneous cancellation of over 6000 pension funds. 

This profile looks at how South African company (RDM) has been allowed to supply Saudi Arabia and its allies with weapons — despite the humanitarian destruction the war in Yemen has wrought.

 Who will guard the guards themselves?

Who laundered money for the Gupta acolytes and used the opportunity to cash in on State Capture?

If Transnet was a golden goose for the Gupta family and their associates, then global banking giant HSBC played the role of tending their illicit nest eggs.

In the case of Estina, Standard Bank and FNB have questions to answer.