Universal Basic Income Grant (UBIG)

Who stands to profit from a basic income grant payments system? Open Secrets investigates

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Welcome to our three-part article series on South Africa’s social grants payment system and the potential implementation of a Universal Basic Income Grant (UBIG).

In Part 1, we set the stage by examining the current state of grants payments, the impetus behind the push for a UBIG, and key political stances leading into the 2024 elections.

Part 2 shines a light on private entities eyeing opportunities amidst the challenges of the current system and the prospect of a UBIG. From Tymebank to Shoprite, Bank Zero to Grindrod, we look into the landscape of potential welfare profiteers.

Part 3 shifts the focus to the human dimension, exploring the social costs of a failing grants payments system and envisioning a more equitable future. Hear from frontline activists and civil society organizations championing the cause, including #PayTheGrants, IEJ, Black Sash, Social Policy Initiative, Youth Lab, Women on Farms, and more.

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What do your political party faves have to say about a basic income grant?

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