the secretary

how middlemen and corporations armed the rwandan genocide

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South Africa and Rwanda embarked on two disparate paths in April 1994. One country towards a democratic election, the other towards a genocide. Joy and misery; rebirth and death. Unspoken and sometimes forgot­ten are the ties that bind these two moments. Because while South Africa was ushering in democracy, apartheid’s personnel had found new opportunities to sow misery in Rwanda in pursuit of profit.

The Secretary: How Middlemen and Corporations armed the Rwandan Genocide is a call to hold to account arms dealers and banks involved in the Rwandan genocide. This investigative report is about the global nature of civil wars and genocide. It shows how localised genocides often have far and complex origins, involving not just victims and perpetrators but also enablers and profiteers. It is our duty to hold them to account and to remember that April in Rwanda.