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How do we hold the State Capture Profiteers accountable?

10 years since the Gupta’s Waterkloof landing. 6 years since the #GuptaLeaks. 1 year since the Zondo Commission concluded that state capture did occur in South Africa on an extensive scale. Yet despite many arrests we have 0 successful convictions of state capture crimes and the Guptas’ extradition hangs in limbo. Do we have a crisis of accountability? Our greylisting by the FATF seems to indicate that we do…

The social and economic damage caused by State Capture should give urgency to our demand for accountability. But the NPA and the Hawks seem to still be scrambling to rebuild capacity and trust after 10 years of deliberate destruction and capture. What does this mean for our ability to hold the State Capture Profiteers accountable? 

Join Open Secrets’ Head of Investigations Michael Marchant for a webinar conversation with Professor Lukas Muntingh (Dullah Omar Institute), Mbekezeli Benjamin (Judges Matter) and Ra’eesa Pather (Open Secrets) who will help us grapple with how we can seek justice and restitution for state capture crimes.