Fronts, Fakes, and Façades

How South African and Mauritian enablers helped move millions from Zimbabwe to Britain

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This report is the product of a collaborative investigation by The Sentry and Open Secrets. The report examines how a politically-connected oil tycoon in Zimbabwe moved suspect funds from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) to the City of London using front companies, fake invoices, and offshore financial façades.

Fronts, Fakes and Façades is Open Secrets’ first investigation into allegations of state capture beyond South Africa. But integral to this story of alleged cronyism in Zimbabwe, are various professionals and companies who facilitated the transactions. The deal examined in the report required the assistance of South African company directors and lawyers, a Mauritian management company agent, a Cayman Islands investment fund, banks in numerous jurisdictions, and the company administrators in the United Kingdom.

This story is about Zimbabwe, but it is also a story about the global financial economy that creates an enabling environment for state capture and the flow of funds out of the poorest countries in the Global South to offshore financial centres.

Response from a representative for Mr. Kundomal and Capital Horizons

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Accountability for the facilitators

Our letters to law enforcement agencies, regulators and professional bodies in South Africa, Mauritius and the United Kingdom
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We believe that it is important to hold private sector actors accountable for human rights abuses and profiteering from economic crimes. This is why we have written to the following regulators, professional bodies and law enforcement agencies:

  • The Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI) “The Hawks” – South Africa
  • The National Crime Agency (NCA) – UK
  • The Legal Practice Council (LPC) – South Africa
  • The Financial Services Commission (FSC) – Mauritius

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