the corporations and economic crime report

an annual publication by open secrets that delves into cases of private sector economic crime and corruption, and their impact on human rights.

The Corporations and Economic Crime Report (CECR) explores the most egregious cases of economic crimes and corruption by private financial institutions, from apartheid to the present day. In doing so, we aim to highlight the key themes that link corporate criminality across these periods of time, focusing on the role of the private sector, a critical blind spot in the discourse around economic crime.

This publication interrogates the failure of state institutions and regulators to ensure accountability for corporate economic crimes, and considers the often enormous social and economic costs to which these crimes contribute. It will form part of an annual series that tackles issues of corporate crime head-on, and generates public discussion around an alternative take on the often state-centric perception of corruption.

“nothing is illegal if

one hundred businessmen

decide to do it”

– Andrew Young, US Civil Rights Activist

volume 1: the bankers

this first volume of the series focuses on the role of banks and other financial sector actors in corporate criminality