what we do

Through investigations, law, and advocacy we aim to uncover injustices committed by the private sector, and to build functional and sustainable accountability mechanisms.

It is important to us to go where the work is hard, and where we can add value, hence our primary focus on the financial services sector. We investigate economic crimes and human rights abuses involving the powerful and well-resourced, both past and present, and believe in the importance of transparency and integrity when it comes to our work and the sources of our funding.

our investigations

We undertake in-depth and rigorous investigations focused on private sector economic crimes that result in human rights violations.


using the law

The law, particularly in South Africa, is a powerful instrument that can be used to hold private sector financial actors accountable for breaking the law and abusing their power.


advocating for change

We believe that collaborating with our partners in civil society and using creative ways of sharing information can make us strong activists for change.