Our work is organised in such a way that theory informs practice. Our investigative research informs activism through creative use of the law and advocacy.


1: Our Investigations

We undertake evidence based investigations focused on private sector economic crimes that result in human rights violations- and the corporations and political enablers who profit from this.

  • Yemen: War crimes and arms sales
  • Pensions: Corporations and Regulators profiting from unpaid pensions
  • State Capture: The enablers and profiteers
  • Digital Profiteers
  • Unaccountable: We have not forgotten
  • The Arms Deal and the Seriti Commission
  • Declassified: Apartheid Profits
  • Apartheid Guns and Money

2: Using the Law

We view the law as a powerful instrument that can be used to hold private sector financial actors and their political enablers accountable for breaking the law and abusing their power.

  • Apartheid Banks: NPA Docket and OECD Complaint
  • Yemen: Arms Regulator Court Application
  • Competition Appeal Court: Covid-19 Profiteers & Price Gouging
  • Financial Sector Conduct Authority: Appointments interdict
  • Auditing Profession Amendment Bill
  • The People’s Tribunal on Economic Crime

3: Advocacy for Change

We believe that collaborating with our partners in civil society and using various media platforms can make us strong activists for change.

  • The Corporations and Economic Crime Report (CECR)
  • Declassified: Apartheid Profits
  • They Killed Dulcie podcast series
  • Civil Society Working Group on State Capture
  • Unaccountable profile series