Our work is organised in such a way that theory informs practice. Our investigative research informs activism through creative use of the law and advocacy.

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War Profiteers

These are the corporations and regulators who enable profiteering from grave crimes such as genocide, apartheid, and human rights abuses. 

  • Apartheid, Guns and Money
  • Apartheid Banks
  • Arms Deal: Seriti Commission and JSC Complaint
  • Russian Doll: SANDF Torture Squads and #WhoKilledFransMathipa
  • Declassified: Apartheid Profits
  • Lady R Arms Shipment
  • The Secretary: How middlemen and corporations armed the Rwandan genocide
  • They Killed Dulcie
  • South Africa’s Complicity in War crimes in Yemen
  • Rwandan Genocide
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State Capture Profiteers

The private actors and middlemen based in South Africa and elsewhere who profit from state capture in South Africa and other African countries. 

  • Civil Society Working Group on State Capture
  • Gupta Tracker
  • The Bankers, Accountants and Lawyers that Enabled State Capture
  • State Capture Conspirators
  • The Officials at the NPA ands the Hawks delaying justice for state capture.
  • Fronts, Fakes and Facades: How South African and Mauritian enablers moved millions from Zimbabwe to Britain
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Welfare Profiteers

The corporations and regulators who enable the abuse of social welfare systems and illicitly profit from pensions and social grants.

  • Cancelled Pensions
  • Universal Basic Income Grant: Who will profit?
  • Competition Appeal Court: Babelegi Workwear vs. the Competition Commission.
  • Digital Profiteers: Who Profits Next from Social Grants?
  • Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) Appointments
  • People’s Hearing on Unpaid Pensions
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Climate Crisis Profiteers

The corporations and individuals profiteering from fossil fuel use and those who stand profit from a transition to renewable energy

  • Who Has the Power? South Africa’s Energy Profiteers
  • The People’s Hearing on Energy Profiteers


Our work cutting across all thematic areas: climate crisis, state capture, war and welfare profiteers

  • PAIA Tracker: Our Information Requests
  • Unaccountable- We have not forgotten
  • The Corporations and Economic Crime Report
  • Open Secrets TV
  • Open Secrets Radio