open sources

open sources contains investigative information and tools to empower those who are interested in holding the corrupt to account.

here you will find links to useful digital security and investigative tools as well as a selection of readings on economic crime in Southern Africa produced by our partners.

digital security tools

At Open Secrets, we rely on a variety of digital security tools to do our work. Below you will find some of those that we use on an everyday basis.

  • GPG email encryption

  • Signal secure text messaging

  • 'Security in a box' resources

  • TOR secure browser

investigative resources

Here you will find some of the databases and tools that you can use to conduct online investigations.

  • OCCRP offshore database leaks

  • ICIJ offshore leaks database

  • ICIJ tools and training

  • Trial Watch profiles

  • Bellingcat open source investiagtions

reading list

Here you will find a selection of readings by our partner organisations who are also working on holding accountable those responsible for economic crimes and associated human rights abuses.

  • Right2Know publications

  • United Nations - Draft binding treaty on business and human rights

  • Hennie van Vuuren - 'Apartheid grand corruption'

  • OSF - 'Corporate War Crimes'

  • Sherpa - Lafarge sued for Financing ISIS

  • Corruption Watch UK - 'The Anglo-Italian Job: Leonardo, Agusta Westland and Corruption Around the World'

  • Human Rights Watch - 'Israeli Banks Profit From Settlements'