final initial assessment

More than a year after lodging the complaint against the banks, the Belgian and Luxembourg NCPs handed their initial assessments of the complaint, which is a decision of whether there is sufficient evidence to investigate the complaint further. This was not a decision about the merits or substance of the complaint, but merely about if there was bona fide (‘good faith’ / an indication) evidence that suggests that there is merit to the complaint. In their assessments, the NCPs ignored the bulk of the evidence presented to them, and dismissed the rest as ‘dated’. They even went so far as to invent defences for the banks. Needless to say CALS and Open Secrets are dismayed at the impartiality and ineffectiveness of what is the only international mechanism to hold corporations accountable for human rights abuses.

our response to the draft initial assessment

Belgian NCPs initial assessment

Luxembourg NCPs initial assessment

our statement on the final initial assessment