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Open Secrets TV is the official YouTube channel for Open Secrets, an independent non-profit in South Africa. Open Secrets uses investigative research, advocacy and litigation to hold powerful private sector actors accountable for violations of human rights. We hope to promote the right to truth and contribute towards social justice in Southern Africa.


OS Radio

Open Secrets is a non-profit organisation which exposes and builds accountability for private sector economic crimes through investigative research, advocacy, and the law. Our podcasts feature updates, discussions and stories from our investigations, legal cases and advocacy campaigns



We have not forgotten

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Unaccountable is an Open Secrets series published on the Daily Maverick. The series consists of profiles of large corporations and private individuals who are all implicated in economic crime but have never been held to account for these – or at best escaped substantive justice. The decision to focus on powerful private actors, implicated in large scale political corruption is a conscious one and mirrors the approach of Open Secrets.  Many of the profiles are based on Open Secrets’ existing and ongoing research.

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The Corporations and Economic Crime Report


The Corporations and Economic Crime Report is a publication series by Open Secrets that delves into cases of private sector economic crime and corruption, and their impact on human rights. CECR explores the most egregious cases of economic crimes and corruption by private financial institutions, from apartheid to the present day. In doing so, we aim to highlight the key themes that link corporate criminality across these periods of time, focusing on the role of the private sector, a critical blind spot in the discourse around economic crime.

CECR volumes to date:

  • The Bankers
  • The Auditors
  • The Consultants

PAIA Tracker

Our Access to Information Requests


The Promotion of Access to Information Act, or PAIA, is a piece of legislation which gives effect to the public’s constitutional right to access information held by government and the private sector. We believe that it is vital for open democracy and transparency in governance that the public has access to information that their effects their lives and rights. We use PAIA applications to ensure that government and private actors are held accountable for their actions. The PAIA Tracker, tracks all the PAIA requests submitted by Open Secrets and serves a repository of all the information obtained in them.

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Parliamentary submissions

Our written submissions to Parliament


Public participation in parliament is essential to any democracy. To give effect to our investigative, advocacy and legal work, Open Secrets makes submissions to parliament. So far we have made three submissions to Parliament. The first was on the Conduct of Financial Institutions Bill by National Treasury. The second was a submission to the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Finance regarding the Auditing Profession Amendment Bill. The third is a submission on the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) Amendment Bill.

Auditing Profession Amendment Bill
NPA Amendment Bill