Universal Basic Income Grant: who will profit?

The Post Office and Postbank have failed to manage the social grants payment system. But the private sector is not an easy fix either.

The failures of the Post Office and then Postbank have led to suggestions that the private sector should play a larger role in the payment of social grants. In this article we show that South Africa’s social grants history reveals the dangers of thinking private companies are the easy answer.

Universal Basic Income Grant: who should run it?

Public debate around a Universal Basic Income Grant (UBIG) has focused on fierce disagreements about its economic benefits, whether it is financially feasible for South Africa, and if so, what the value of the grant should be. As UBIG campaigning takes centre stage in the 2024 elections, Open Secrets asks an equally important but often overlooked question: who will administer the payment of those grants?

South Africa’s Civil Society demands actions against state capture

Radio Islam South Africa’s civil society has unveiled a report demanding actionable steps be taken to address state capture. The collective response, presented in Braamfontein, reflects the collaboration of civil society organisations within the Civil Society Working Group on State Capture, focusing on the findings of the Zondo Commission. Letlhogonolo Letshele, from Open Secrets, speaking…