Open Secrets is a non-profit organisation which exposes and builds accountability for private sector economic crimes through investigative research, advocacy, and the law.

What We Do


Our Investigations

We undertake in-depth and rigorous investigations focused on private sector economic crimes that result in human rights violations.

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Using the Law

We view the law as a powerful instrument that can be used to hold private sector financial actors accountable for breaking the law and abusing their power.

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Advocating for Change

We believe that collaborating with our partners in civil society and using various media platforms can make us strong activists for change.

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Our investigations, contributions to journal articles, reports and book chapters

Apartheid Guns and Money

unaccountables standing

The Unaccountables

Cover and Spread- The Secretary vector

The Secretary

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Open Secrets is a small non-profit organisation, and we greatly appreciate any individual donations.
Please note that we do not accept direct funding from governments or for-profit companies.

Send a tip-off!

The secrecy around economic crime means that we rely on tip-offs or information to assist our investigative work. Should you have any information relating to high-level corruption and economic crimes committed by private sector individuals and institutions, please contact us via the details. Any information shared with us will be treated in confidence.

If you have security concerns, you can set up a free account at Proton Mail to send and receive encrypted emails or download the Signal app and and contact us on +27 72 565 0173